About Us


DM by Paolo Ientile, is proud to present our new sister-line, Sunday Vetements.

Sunday will be a women's clothing brand that establishes the essentials of an everyday wardrobe. Sunday will be working closely with brand ambassadors that we wish to announce soon.



An avant-garde style that brings together the nostalgic trends of the past with the latest on-trend designs. Giving these past trends a new purpose in the contemporary context, innovating them for the future. “As a luxury fashion brand, we’re committed to achieving excellence with each design. We’re a team of mavericks who think outside the box to create clothing that brings together materials in new and exciting ways.” Let us tell you a little more about the avant-garde philosophy behind DM.

At DM, we focus on creating everyday statement pieces that will become staples in your wardrobe. Bringing DM to the fashion market has been a labour of love. “Unlike fast fashion brands, we have spent years researching and developing our garments to release our first collection. ‘Season One – Angels’ has been years in the making. We wanted to create individual pieces that you could only find at DM.”

Pushing the boundaries of the latest trends, DM defines our collections by the idea of the past influencing the future while being rooted in today. Whether it’s a two tone canvas flannel or ‘90s inspired logo-mania tracksuits, we continue to look at the past for our inspiration. “We design our clothes for the streetwear age, for the generation who aren’t afraid to break away from conventional norms to show their style to the world. We take the ideal of the ‘90s phenomena of streetwear as a social concept and explore it through our designs.”

As an avant-garde brand, continuing to work on innovating designs with each collection and believing in the power of modernism to define wearable pieces that show our personality to the world. The clothing is experimental, and DM does not seem to be afraid to take risks. “Staying inside the box kills your imagination.” 

Each piece is more than just a simple garment. There are years of design and innovation behind every piece. Whether it’s in the stitching, silhouette or embroidery, every DM piece is unique in its own right, encapsulating a moment in time. 

“At DM, we don’t believe in following the status quo. The avant-garde designers who have pathed the way for us have redefined the idea of fashion from a concept decided by newspaper editors to an expression of individuality. You’ll find the signature motifs of avant-garde design running through our collections, including oversized tailoring and the concept of using a muted colour palette to give you ultimate creativity with your outfits.”  

With avant-garde streetwear, you can make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd. The Angels collection can help you create your style identity, with versatility in mind, as each is multifunctional. You can wear joggers as loungewear or wear them to the club. Your lifestyle can define each piece. Self-expression is at the heart of the avant-garde movement and represents everything that DM does.

As a high-end brand, we use the highest-quality materials to create unique garments that will stand the test of time. While we look to the past for inspiration, we always have one eye on the future of fashion. We look back on the era of hip hop and sportswear that defined what streetwear was in the ‘90s and apply future trends to create our collections. Our future releases will continue to explore new possibilities and designs, experimenting with materials and silhouettes to create cutting-edge garments.

“DM is a streetwear brand with collaboration at its heart. Along with our own innovative designs, we believe in the extraordinary and the power of self-expression.