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About Us

Welcome to Sunday Vetements – where comfort, style, and the innate elegance of today's woman dance together in our own special rhythm.

We love creating cozy clothes that tell stories of quality and care. Our materials are carefully chosen and stitched with respect for the planet.

Behind every piece, there's a story of empowerment. Women are at the heart of what we do, bringing strength and grace to every creation. As part of our commitment to fostering talent, we exclusively hire college and university students, as well as recent graduates, who infuse fresh perspectives into our designs.

We're serious about sustainability. Our designs use eco-friendly materials and responsible crafting methods, a value we instill in our young team members from the start of their journey with us.

As a small business, we put our heart into every item we offer. Each piece is chosen with care, making it a unique part of your style.

You're not just a customer; you're part of our journey. We're committed to making your experience with Sunday Vetements as delightful as wearing our clothes. Our young and dynamic team, comprised of students and recent graduates, ensures a vibrant and innovative atmosphere that shines through in every interaction.

"Every Thread, Every Woman, Every Sunday" – it's more than a tagline. It's a peek into our Sunday Vetements world, where each piece has a story and every day feels relaxed, energized by the enthusiasm and creativity of our college and university-driven workforce. Join us in supporting and empowering the emerging stars of the fashion industry.