Collection: Sunday

Sunday Vetements, our full lineup offering clothing for every day of the week! We are proud to have our collection now fully available for everyone to enjoy. This lineup has taken over 2 years to perfect colours, materials, and designs to bring the best comfort and appearance possible.

We are super happy to announce that our products do not have branding or logos. We do not wish to be a company that uses our consumers as advertisements. Wear the clothes and enjoy the clothes without worry.

We currently are having an issue with lighter tones, such as Light Ivory, of the Tag Team and Summer Breeze bottoms being see-through. We are working on fixing this issue without harming the quality, feel, and colour of these products. We recommend buying these true to size or even one size up, especially if these will be worn during workouts.

Items from this collection are currently shipping via a third party. Shipping may take anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience.