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Sunday Vetements

Summer Salsa Set

Summer Salsa Set

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The set sequel of the Summer Breeze leggings.

We are proud to offer the Summer Salsa as our sole top in the Sunday collection.

The padded top features a thick cuff strap that falls under the chest and secures the body for various movements throughout the day. 

The double strapped back greatly improves the form and comfort of the chest while relaxed or used during excerise.

A beautiful naked feel made from a supportive polyester/spandex blend to form and compress the body. Very lightweight for hotter climates with a very breathable design to enjoy the summer breeze.

Made through a carefully composed broadcloth technology to deliver a soft and comfortable material that shapes onto the body.

The thin leggings also feature an exclusive stitch pattern to avoid camel toe and twists in the fabric over multiple washes.

(Please wash inside out and hang out dry to experience a lifetime long pair of signature leggings.)

*We are currently experiencing see through results in the lighter colours. This feedback has been coming solely from the gym setting. We are currently redesigning the rear on these lighter tones specifically to ensure our customers that these lightweight and luxurious leggings are also squat-proof. Once they have been redesigned, existing customers will receive a generous discount code if they wish to reorder the successor.

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